Kensington Gardens Condominium

What is now a nine-unit condo is a structure dating from the early 20th century that was home to the surfman William C. Sparrow of the United States Life-Saving Service. With frontage on Mechanic Street and an ample yard on Cottage Street, it was called Shadowlawn by the 1940s, and was run by Frank Freeland (d 1950) and Clare (Conklin) Freeland (±1896-1958). She was active in the Nautilus Club and at the Provincetown Community Center and conducted her own private kindergarten in the home. He was the Inspector of Fisheries for the Fish and Wildlife Service. A year after her death in 1958, the artist Franz Kline (1910-1962) purchased 15 Cottage Street, after an inspection trip in the company of his friend and companion Elisabeth Ross Zogbaum (1912-2005), according to the Warholstars site. Kline’s studio adjoined the Shadowland house, but because of its location at the rear of the complex, and on a separate tax lot, it is given the address 16 Mechanic Street. Among the amenities offered by Kensington Gardens is a swimming pool.
Building Provincetown - The History of Provincetown Told Through Its Built Environment

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