Trash & Recycling

Recycling & Trash Guidelines

Trash and Recycling Bins – The trash and recycling bins are located in the front of the complex.  Enter through the parking area.  There is a gate to the left of space #1.  The bins are clearly marked for trash and recycling.  Recyclable items placed in the bins can be mixed loosely together in the bin.  Please do not leave recycle items in plastic or paper bags in the bin. 

Plastic – All plastic with number 1 through 7 on the bottom is to be recycled. Place in recycle container.

Glass – All Glass Bottles – all colors.  It is not necessary to remove labels from glass jars.  Place in recycle container.  Blue and frosted glass is not accepted – just dispose in household trash bag.

Metal – Tin cans, Aluminum – rinse only.  No need to remove labels.  Place in recycle container.

Returnable Bottles – Bottles which have MA 5 cent refund can be returned to the place of purchase for a refund.  If you decide not to do so, place them in the recycle container.

Household Trash – All other trash should be placed in tightly sealed plastic bags. There are several barrels for household trash.

Items Provincetown does not currently recycle:

  • Styrofoam or Paper Coffee Cups – dispose in household trash.
  • Aluminum Foil Pans or Aluminum Foil from Kitchen Use – dispose in household trash.
  • plastic bags- Stop and Shop will accept plastic bags at their Shank Painter Road location.

Please remove all trash and recycling from the condos before checking out